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November 10, 2019

4 Reasons to Purchase Prints From Your Photographer

“So you’re not going to just give me 500+ photos on a CD?” I get asked this question during every initial phone call with a client.
The answer to the question is always no, and I give them these 4 reasons as to why they should choose to get prints through me as their photographer.

This is something I talk about on my website for Jillyn Rose Photography & Design as well. My most cherished possession is a framed picture of my grandparents on their wedding day. Now, because I wasn’t able to be there I have something that shows me the love they had for each other that day so long ago. My grandma passed away unexpectedly in my senior year of high school and my grandpa passed away a couple years later. While they may be gone that picture of them is something I will have forever, and so will the generations that come after me. Take the time to pick out the photos to fill a photo album and to fill your walls so your family will have something to cherish for generations to come.

Often (not all the time) when clients just want to pay for the digitals and do get them printed themselves at a local printer (i.e. Walgreens, COSTCO, Target, etc.). The problem with this is that so often the local printer is not the best quality. When photographers offer prints they are working with a professional print lab. While you may be spending a little bit more you are paying for the exceptional quality. Before I went into professional photography I always got my photos printed at Walgreens. It was nice because they were cheap but I wasn’t getting the best quality that I could. Now, I personally use White House Custom Color and they are seriously the best, their customer service is top notch and their products are great.

So often people get those 500+ photos on a CD or digital file and they just stay there. They might share a few of them to social media, maybe put one as the wall paper on their phones but most of the time they just sit there forgotten. Your photos capture moments of your lives, whether it is your wedding day, a family session, or a senior session, they tell a story. Why wouldn’t you want to display that in your home? Wall portraits are works of art that you get to share with anyone that walks into your home. For so long the only way we were able to enjoy our photos was to print them. When I was growing up I took A TON of pictures and my mom printed ALL of them. Because of that my mom made my brother and I so many scrap books and photo albums that we will get to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

Even though we don’t like to admit it, the internet is not forever. Computers crash or we get new ones. Sadly enough before laptops and the cloud were a thing most people kept pictures on floppy disks (yes these existed for those of you that weren’t alive yet) and now there aren’t computers around to be able to get those off of there. Just how some day we might not be able to get things off of the cloud or even off of a flash drive or a CD. When that time comes, you don’t want to lose those photos. So, get them printed, take the time to put them in an album so then one day when you inevitable get the blue screen of death on your computer you don’t have to stress about your photos because you will always have copies of them to cherish forever.

Not everyone is the same and not every budget is the same that is why as photographers we offer different packages. This is because we want everyone to have the opportunity to capture their special moments to share with generations to come. 

1. Family Heirlooms

2. Quality

3. Your Photos are Pieces of Art

4. Internet Won't Be Forever

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